Brand Philosophy

Run At Your Own Pace, Dance To Your Own Rhythm

Energized Is Active Wear For The Free-Spirited


Energized is all about celebrating the different ways women exercise, even if it is unconventional. Walking to meetings, taking care/playing with the children, weekend hikes and picnics, dance classes - these activities are hardly deemed workouts but it keeps one moving all the same. Energized doesn’t make you feel guilty for missing a session or for not meeting the 5km mark. It’s about having fun as you exercise, whatever form that may be. It’s about being true to who you are and what you can do.


Break free and dance to your own rhythm. Focus on running at your own pace. Use the city as your gym, and everywhere else your playground. Be energized to keep moving in a way that keeps you happy. Working out can be fun when you are energized to be your best.